16x9 - Model Mystery: Hayley Kohle's death

16x9 - Model Mystery: Hayley Kohle's death

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Kohle ist der offizielle Staatsmineral von Kentucky.


über: 16x9 - Model Mystery: Hayley Kohle's death

Oh whatever. One of those other models pushed her. Smh.
her sister seems like she's fake crying
I cannot stand this journalist!
Too fishy, I feel bad for her family.
Why?What is going on and so many girls loose their life?Stupid, insensitive reporter!
that agency is shady as hell. they need to do a thorough investigation of them. see how many other models have died in their employ. supeona the roommates.
8/8/18....Turkist pop? New term for me. Beautiful model from Canada who died in big mystery in Italy. Hollyweird type influence made her rich & famous---& she ended up as beautiful blonde in Italy with younger Russian models.
Strange phone call---depression & Rxs---model agency rented apt emptied out & other models flown home within 24 hrs????
Strange story---but like Sgt Joe Friday used to say---just 1 story out of a million!
Story ends with model's "missing money" & states "her family didn't have enough money" so she was cremated in Italy! WEIRD to end story/video like that....
Just sayin'.....
Sounds like human trafficking
If one has a problem being critiqued then why go into that business. Don't believe suicide
Cremated to hide the cat fight scratches and defensive wounds?
I'm so sorry for the families loss it's unfair what the agency did all to properly protect them selfs it looks like they are covering something up I hope the family find answers soon
There is no doubt there is darkness and evil in the modeling industry just like the movie industry. And who knows what was expected of the models so they could keep their jobs. And if they dont play the game? Well maybe, that is what we are seeing here.
Suspicious behavior on the part of the modeling agency. It could be as simple as the other girls being too young to be doing modeling, or the girls knew more, or participated in her death.
It's a shame that she had to be cremated there, because her body could potentially have answered questions.
How many models jumped to their death in the past 5 years alone ´.. A dozen I'ld say ...
The journalist was very cold and lacked compassion towards the family of the victim. :(
Hayley's family should sue.
6:00 oh my god. Bridget my heart goes out to you.
Presenter,Stop shouting and show a little respect to her sister and Father.Wow calm down.
I think that as she was a active employee of the agency she should of been treated with respect more so her family who are having a hard enough time losing there beloved daughter&sister the agency should be forced to give the information and help asked of them!
Bullshit! This was NOT a suicide. Police cover-up and the other models picking up their things and leaving. Really? This is a crime scene and the police needed to speak to the other girls just to verify what happened. If she was depressed, yes suicide was probably an answer to her but she would have called her own family and asked how her favorite sister died. This death reeks of cover-up but the question is why? Satanic ritual gone awry or she was a sacrifice? We may never know.

Coal Lager

Kohle ist auf allen Kontinenten vorhanden. Sie ist vorwiegend zwei geologischen Formationen zuzurechnen: Pflanzen aus dem Tertiär, aus denen sich meist Braunkohle entwickelt hat, und Karbon, die Pflanzen dieser Epoche wurden zu Steinkohle.


Insbesondere während des Karbons vor etwa 280 bis 345 Millionen Jahren entstanden mächtige Steinkohlelagerstätten, die heute zu den weltweit wichtigsten Energielieferanten zählen.