a simple life in the appalachian mountains - all chapters

a simple life in the appalachian mountains - all chapters

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Kohle ist der offizielle Staatsmineral von Kentucky.


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No one will hear you scream 👹
Are there very many coloreds/negroes in Appalachia? Being there isn't much money, I wouldn't think there would be, but wanted to ask.
I learned by ways in the mountains. These just normal folk to me. It's the cities I don't get. Always in a hurry to make a dime and still don't have nothing. These folk have all they will ever need or want. Fresh everything. No debts other than what the government takes in land tax. Taxation Is theft. Bot one thing does society or the government have to offer mountain folk.
As a nurse in a nursing home, to see "gene" still independent and truly living his life doing what he has always done warms my heart... passing on all the knowledge that lifes experience has taught him. I really kinda like my toilet tho...in a pinch I ain't above the "squat"
I'm from England but these are my kind of people so keep the traditional alive..👍
wuz dat sum chronic groen ova yonder byda waterin hole
I absolutely love the documentary. I never grew up in the 60s or 70s. I was born in 1980, in the very deep south of the state of Georgia. Other than the hills/mountains this really reminds me of my childhood. Was taught to fish, hunt, gather eggs, slaughter hogs, dress chickens. Harvest our vegetables from a garden. Barter with friends, neighbors and relatives. And let me tell you do I miss it. And the game chickens here just the icing on the cake for me. I've raised, heeled and fought a many of the old lacy roundheads, muffs, toppies, Kelso, whitehackles,law grews,bumble foot greys, lieper hatch, Gilmore hatch and their crosses respectively. I could go on and on about the game chicken aspect of this. But the fact of the matter is this. If you haven't lived the life then don't comment your degrading comments and try to smear or belittle someone who has. I'm 39 years of age now. Married to my wife for 19 years. We have 3 children together from 17-13 years of age. To all the folks who let these pansies talk and get under their skin. Don't yall, they ain't worth the breath of air it takes to kill them with our knowledge. They day will come when they are at our feet begging for the knowledge that they make fun of. And us folks will pass it along. It's how we were raised. But as far as us worrying with them.....why should we? Because the little ol roundhead and hatch hens running around this fellas yard would put a ass whoopin on them. They sure as hell would want to be put under the mercy of any true country folk. Well wishes to all. Our country needs this, we as a race needs this way of life back. I do live in a nice home with the common everyday luxury of this world. But I find myself more and more longing for the childhood and way of life that I lived just a few short years ago.
Allan call me
My only wonder is did they know you were videoing them? It’s almost unheard of for a country family to allow someone to video them and not stare at the camera. I noticed nobody stared at the camera at all. Believe it or not, as bad as some people thinks this lifestyle is, im kinda homesick! I was born and raised deep in the country eating squirrels and rabbits and every now and again we might have a treat of watermelon.
Matthew I have watched this many times. thank you for what you do brother. much love out to you and yours from the Tidewaters of Va.
I could live with old stuff and get back to living off the land,but what i don"t understand is the dirt and not being clean and organized.Man clean that mess up and take a bath.
When he spit on em. Lol
This kinda man is the salt of the earth kinda guy! He embodies self sufficiency and work ethic! If most people these days had his ethic, they’d have a lot less to be offended about
Ain't gotta still, ain't got shit, lol
My grandfathers were West Virginia coal miners. Very nice hard working honest people
If WW3 ever comes, its these people who'll survive. Using farming techniques that were old fashioed 200 years ago. I'm asuming he won't be charging sales tax for his sled? They might have a tough life but they're freer than most of us will ever be...
Can't understand a word he said. But that said lm Australian so he wouldn't understand my twang either. 😂
Damn I hate using this speak of deal you spell everything wrong but man oh me Oh Me Oh Me this country is so beautiful he live in peace quiet no crazy driver spin the work no gunshots no ambulance sirens are the police peace and quiet he live in peace and quiet in nature PS hell with the Democrats hell with the Republicans Delphine to Rich Corporate America I wish I can live like this man before I go to the Big Sky I'm going to live like this peace and quiet God and Jesus bless you
Simple living when living was living got your own space people respected each other.

Coal Lager

Kohle ist auf allen Kontinenten vorhanden. Sie ist vorwiegend zwei geologischen Formationen zuzurechnen: Pflanzen aus dem Tertiär, aus denen sich meist Braunkohle entwickelt hat, und Karbon, die Pflanzen dieser Epoche wurden zu Steinkohle.


Insbesondere während des Karbons vor etwa 280 bis 345 Millionen Jahren entstanden mächtige Steinkohlelagerstätten, die heute zu den weltweit wichtigsten Energielieferanten zählen.