a simple life in the appalachian mountains - all chapters

a simple life in the appalachian mountains - all chapters

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Kohle ist der offizielle Staatsmineral von Kentucky.


über: a simple life in the appalachian mountains - all chapters

yeah! how bout that
these folks don't need food stamps they do just fine on their own
There checking on there pot plants first
So many of them, Heartbreaking!!!
God bless him, the forgotten people in America.
who's still watching in 2019
Also nice place and a good video.
I was born in the city but country life is the best.
This made me rethink growing my beard longer.
subtitles been nice .. couldn't understand a word that old fella said
Wow 😮
Well that's Alright
I wish we could live like that here in Norway, here it all life goes around money and more money and everything is very expensive, love your video and the people in it
A mouthful of chew a sipping liquor what more can you ask for I freaking love it
That's like the Dr asked me if anyone in my family suffered from mental illness? I just looked at him and said "nope, no suffering we all seem to enjoy it just fine." Don't forget we Appalachian mountain people make anything and everything we ever need, like we make our own whiskey and smokes too and each child will be raised on their own shotgun. We say prayers and we say ma'am and if you ain't into that we don't give a damn!!
Hello everyone 👋❤️, we live in the Appalachians....sending love and best wishes to all who reads this comment. We are warm, friendly, and loving people, and we would also like to wish everyone blessings to you and your families 🤗😇❤️🙏
These people are the staffs of life to bad we don’t have more of them anything goes wrong they know how to survive it’s the only thing they have ever done all my older kin still live like this don’t bother a living soul but don’t go bothering them either there is a reason for that dog if you notice when that dog barked someone was near they didn’t come running to see who it was you can bet they knew before anyone even spotted them

Coal Lager

Kohle ist auf allen Kontinenten vorhanden. Sie ist vorwiegend zwei geologischen Formationen zuzurechnen: Pflanzen aus dem Tertiär, aus denen sich meist Braunkohle entwickelt hat, und Karbon, die Pflanzen dieser Epoche wurden zu Steinkohle.


Insbesondere während des Karbons vor etwa 280 bis 345 Millionen Jahren entstanden mächtige Steinkohlelagerstätten, die heute zu den weltweit wichtigsten Energielieferanten zählen.